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King Edward Memorial Hospital

Women and Newborn Drug and Alcohol Service (WANDAS)

Our team - multidisciplinary support

The WANDAS work closely with the following KEMH departments:

  • Psychological Medicine
  • Social Work
  • Parent education

Referrals will be made for you by the WANDAS clinic staff.

Psychological Medicine

The Department of Psychological Medicine specialises in women's mental health. We assess and help treat patients of KEMH whose medical condition is affecting their emotional health, or whose emotional health is affecting their medical condition. You (or your baby) must be a patient of KEMH or you must have delivered your baby at KEMH to qualify for access to services. Services are available for up to six months after discharge or clinic attendance and for up to one year for parents of babies hospitalized in the Special Care Nursery.

Referrals to the Department of Psychological Medicine will be made for you by the WANDAS clinic staff.

Department of Psychological Medicine Consultation and Liaison Service

Social Work

The Social Work Department support patients and their families to cope with illness, pregnancy and hospital care – inpatient or outpatient.

The staff members include professionally trained Social Workers, an Aboriginal Liaison Officer and a Senior Welfare Assistant.

Parent Education

The KEMH Parent Education midwives offer a number of classes to assist in preparing for the birth of your baby, ongoing care and the transition to parenthood.

For information about their Antenatal and Open House classes, please call the team directly on (08) 6458 1368 between Monday and Friday, 8.00am to 9am, or 3.00pm to 4.00pm (except Wednesdays). Please note that bookings are essential.

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